Teen Angels bring warmth to local senior citizens

(WJLA) - On this night, the Teen Angels come to bring cheer to residents of Homecrest House, a Silver Spring senior home.

The Teen Angel Project - or TAP for short - is the vision of high-school English teacher Francesca Winch

"I literally had a dream in June 2012," Winch told ABC7, " of kids performing in a hospital for very sick people - "and they had been introduced as teen angels."

Now, there are 44 Teen Angels, ranging in age from 11 to 17.

Tony Niverth is one of the few boys in the group. He said he loves getting to see all the smiles in the audience when he performs.

"I love talking to them after the shows," Tony said.

It's obvious the residents love getting to see the angels, too.

"All of them are wonderful," said 93-year-old Mollie Rayman, who made friends with the youngest member of the group after the show. "She just warmed my heart over and over again."

The teens say, the experience has a profound impact on them.

"You realize that this isn't just about performing," said Teen Angel Anna Mezebish. 'It's about showing people that you care."

"I think it's really been life transforming for so many of them," Winch added.