Search For Common Ground uses drama to bring kids together

With movie cameras rolling and local actors playing students at Anacostia High School, the stage is set for peacemaking.

As it has done in 17 other countries, the group "Search For Common Ground" is now producing a dramatic series in D.C. for the web. It reflects some of the conflict and differences between students.

The drama, called "The Team,” uses soccer to show how team members overcome their differences. The hope is that children will watch "The Team" and learn how to come together - no matter how far apart they are right now.

"It revolved around three different characters: A black male, a multi-race woman and a white male and they show the stories between them,” says actor Lance Lemon.

Local actor Juliana Aiden plays "Izzy,” the only girl on the team.

"It's about teenagers who are in high school who are trying to overcome adversity between, either it be gender issues, sexual identity issues, racial issues, anything like that,” she says.

The show's producers say Washington provides the perfect setting.

"From congress to football teams, we could use a little cooperation.” Says Executive producer Deborah Jones. “We're all in this together and if we could reach across the aisle or reach across the social barriers that we have we think that all of our lives would be a lot better and a lot more productive."

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