Power Project Youth Camp helps stop bullying with snowballs

A snowball fight in the middle of summer?

It might sound a little crazy. But it’s how one group of local children is learning how to handle conflict and how to stand up to other kids being bullied at a non-profit called “Power Project Youth Camp.”

First, they assemble an arsenal of water balloons, then coat them in whip cream and that’s how they make snowballs in July.

But while they're having fun with their snowball fight, the children are also learning some valuable lessons, like dealing with distractions.

"Is it like that in school sometimes? You are trying to do your work and other students are disruptive?" asks Ray Green, the founder of the non-profit.

One teammate fends off flying snowballs, while the other does math work.

"You're going to have people who don't care if you learn,” Green says. “You can't be distracted by them. You have to stay on task."

They learn how to protect each other and help other kids who get bullied. And like a butterfly spreading its wings to fly, the boys and girls learn how to believe in themselves.