Madisson Tully provides fresh produce for the needy

Madisson Tully tends to her garden. (Photo: WJLA)

With a patch of dirt and some patience, Madisson Tully is helping to fill the empty bellies of so many local children.

This summer, Madisson has been growing her own backyard garden and also collecting fresh produce from the public. With a trunk full of fruits and vegetables, Madisson heads out twice a week to deliver fresh food to the Capital Area Food Bank in D.C.

“It's very upsetting, it's sad, because kids my own age don't have anything to eat,” she says. “So my community has really helped me help so many different kids and families, not just kids alone, but everybody put food on their table and help get them through the day.”

Once at the food bank, they weigh the food and quickly put it out for volunteers with different community groups that serve the hungry.

"Without it, I don't know what we'd be able to do,” says one.

Leroy Williams is one of those volunteers who takes Madisson's produce to those who desperately need it.

"God bless her heart,” Williams says. "Because a lot of people out there that really need (it) and may God bless her to have a wonderful future for doing so."

The people who depend on the food bank are so grateful. And Madisson is grateful for what they have done for her.

"It's made me open my eyes a little bit more and not live in my own little bubble,” she says.