Let's Help Kids makes sure other kids don't go without

The thought of other children going without toys, bikes or birthday presents weighs heavily on third grader Rachel Harris.

To help, she founded Let’s help Kids, which most recently delivered Halloween costumes to children in local shelters. They give away bikes, scooters and even supply moon bounces and birthday presents.

"Their parents are like, honey we can't afford to buy that and it just breaks their hearts,” says Rachel. “So that's why we started this company."

Rachel took some cues from her mother, who owns a marketing company.

"So she named it, it's her concept, she worked with one of the designers in my company to do the logo and acted like a client and now she has her own company,” says Jen Sterling, Rachel’s mother.

Let's Help Kids holds fundraisers to pay for the gifts and work with teachers, pastors and caseworkers to find needy children.

And so the happiness spreads, one child's smile at a time.