Heart and Soul Bakery helping young men achieve goals

In the kitchen of the Heart and Soul Bakery, next to their group home at the National Center for Children and Families, several young men are able to forget the horrible things they've been through and focus instead on baking cookies.

And they sell their organic cookies at a local farmers market.

Eric Watson wasn't sure what to expect.

"When they taste it they're like, um good cookie, because my first impression, they're not going to eat this, they're not going to like this," he says.

The cookies are selling like hot cakes and the boys have their loving family at the Heart and Soul Bakery.

Debbi Rice, a volunteer, founded the bakery.

"They work so hard on, I'm getting teenagers to get up at 7 in the morning and walk into the kitchen and they're all there," Rice says.

Rice says the transformation in these young men has been amazing.

"I want them to see in themselves what I see, this amazing human being who can do anything," says Rice.

For more info on the Heart and Soul Bakery contact Debbi Rice at 301-538-7747 or

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