Harris' Heroes: Virginia McLaurin

At the Melvin Sharpe Health School in northwest D.C., the students and the staff all call her "Grandma."

For the last 20 years, Virginia McLaurin has been volunteering as a foster grandparent to these children with special needs.

“I love the kids,” she says. “You ought to hear them in the morning when I come in and they say, 'grandma! Grandma!' and I say, 'I'm here, I'm here.'”

The kids here depend on McLaurin to help teach them, feed them and raise them.

Richelle Sherrod, a teacher, calls her a blessing to the staff. She says McLaurin is beloved by the students and the staff alike.

Born in 1909, McLaurin is a walking history book.

And when things get tough, as they sometimes do, grandma McLaurin is the one who lifts everyone up.

So, how much longer will McLaurin volunteer as a foster grandparent?

“As long as they let me,” she says.

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