Harris' Heroes: Mimi Rivers knits hats for American Cancer Society

(WJLA) - Only in the fifth grade, Mimi Rivers spends much of her free time knitting and selling hats for $5, and then donating most of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

"I really feel sad that people have cancer, but when I help people I think I'm doing something good,” she says.

A few months ago, Mimi’s grandmother saw our story on another group of Harris’ Heroes -- members of a high school track team in Stafford that knits hats for cancer patients.

"When I saw her the next day, I told her about that story and I said, 'They're doing the same thing you've been doing since you were nine," says Grandmother Rose.

So Mimi wrote us a letter and we invited her to the studio, joining Leon Harris as a special co-anchor. She looked at the camera and followed instructions to read off the prompter:

"Straight ahead on ABC7 News, an armored truck robbery," said Mimi.

Then she took a quick look at Doug Hill’s corner, and was impressed:

"He is so good, he can actually turn and point to all this stuff -- like he knows exactly where it is."

It looks like Mimi can wear more than one hat too, as she herself points out Washington D.C. on the map.

"See, that wasn't so hard," Leon told her. "You are going to take my job one day."