Harris' Heroes: Lemonade Day participants

After learning the ropes, Logan Mrini is ready to sell.

He’s taking part in a city-wide lemonade stand put on by dozens of Alexandria City teens and children this Spring.

Lemonade Day coordinates with “Spring for Alexandria,” a three-day, city-wide community service event. The teens to all the work themselves, from getting sponsorship to choosing the charities that will receive the donations.

This year, they’ve chosen both the Alexandria Tutoring Consortium and the Fund for Alexandria’s Child to receive the $11,000 they raise from lemonade sales.

The youths are being led by 17-year-olds Tommy May and Lauren Zapko.

“I'm a strong believer in giving back to my community,” said May. “There's definitely kids in our community needing books and tutoring and don't have the money to pay for it. I really believe in helping the kids.”

May’s mother, Liza May, said she’s very proud of the effort.

“As a mom, having your child share the same commitment to their community that you do is probably the most important thing,” she said.