Harris' Heroes: Kid Power's Cookie Time Project gives entrepreneurial skills

Local teens grow baking, entrepreneurial skills in "cookie" project (photo: WJLA)

You don't find many kids in the kitchen—but these kids love to cook.

The children are part of Kid Power’s “Cookie Time Project,”—a teen bakery owned and operated by D.C. middle and high school students.

On the menu: chocolate, oatmeal and peanut butter cookies.

“It's a lot of love we put in the cookies,” said student Wendell Kyler, 16.

But there's a lot more to Cookie Time than baking. The entrepreneurial program teaches business and financial literacy skills.

“The entrepreneurship these kids feel like they can own a business now...we let them know they are never too young to start one,” said Gregory Henderson, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Kid Power.

The teens do just that—their bakery is student run and their bake sales are student led.

They even choose a charity to give all their proceeds to.

“It feels good when we get a sale and then someone people will walk back and say oh I love your cookies!” said student Felicity Poussaint, 16.

The biggest lesson here: community service and core values.

"This program is like my family. They taught me something I couldn't teach myself," Kyler said.{ }