Harris' Heroes: Connor Dantzler

Connor Dantzler

Making sick children feel better is about more than just treating them physically. A Damascus high school student recognized that and wanted to give those kids a mental and emotional boost as well.

The 17-year old, Connor Dantzler, founded an organization called Health Through Humor to help.

For a teenager who uses joke books to help kids feel better, Connor himself takes his work seriously.

“I don't do this because I'm a comedian, I'm really not,” he said. “I do this because it's something I can do to help people in my own way.”

He started Health Through Humor when he was 8-years-old, donating extra joke books written by his dad.

Since then, Connor has received national grants to buy more books.

He and his family have dropped off 11,000 of them at hospitals in nineteen states and Canada.

His father's 2002 Toyota has more than 225,000 miles on it.

“Wherever we go we try to stop off, sometimes a little bit out of our way, to hospitals and drop off books,” he said.

Though he can't always see the results of his work, he remains inspired to keep going.

“The little e-mails I get, thank you notes, and just meeting Alejandro, it's a very rewarding thing,” he said. “Just when you see the real impact.”