Facets helps Fairfax County kids discover new experiences

Until a few weeks ago, some children in Fairfax County didn't have many chances to play a musical instrument.

Children growing up in low-income families often miss out on opportunities other youngsters get to experience.

So the non-profit group, Facets in Fairfax County, is giving these children one new experience after another.

"So the idea today was to expose them to music, but all Summer we've been trying to expose them to things their parents can't necessarily expose them to,” Jane Wilson, Community Development Advocate of Facets. “We've taken them swimming. We're taking a group to William and Mary tomorrow to tour the campus."

Organizers say the children get so excited about what they'll see and do next.

Facets believes that if doors are opened for children - the entire family reaps the benefits.

"Because if you can break the cycle of poverty by getting the kids better education and raising their goals and hopes and aspirations, it's one of the ways you can best stop poverty," Wilson says.