Dream in Color empowers students

Girls are doing more than just dancing at Dream in Color dance studio in Annandale. They are learning to express themselves and growing into young artists.

“I just really enjoy dancing and be able to express anger or sadness or anything that I'm feeling,” says Lindsey Rodriguez, a dancer.

Dream in Color offers affordable classes for young boys and girls in Fairfax County.

And money isn't a concern. The foundation offers sliding tuition to ensure all students have the same opportunity.

“My goal ultimately is for all of them to find themselves and for their spirit to come out,” says Kimberly James, Dream in Color Foundation at studio founder.

Dream in Color has done just that.

Jade Graves, 18, credits founder James for molding her - beyond the stage.

“Ms. Kim came into my life when I was changing my life,” Graves says. “What she's done is basically just guide me, letting me know when I'm wrong, when I'm doing things right, supporting me, involving me...which is something I didn't always have.”

Parents agree that the studio has empowered students.

“Excellence not only in dance, but in school and academics,” says Karen Douglas, a parent of a student. “Whatever you strive for you gotta do it your best.”

Ms. Kim simply says her work is labor of love and has high hopes for every child that passes through her foundation.

“Finding their authentic voice and making sure they are able to articulate themselves not just on a dance floor, or on a stage singing,” she says. But to be able to speak their heart when it matters.”