Chi Chi Monet, local rapper tackles serious issues, makes a name for herself

The music industry is overwhelmed with new talent, but a local{ }rapper is making a name for herself.

Chi Chi Monet is creating some buzz—her videos are polished, the beat is catchy—all at just nine years old.

“Bullies are a big deal, a big problem. If you know somebody who’s a bully, you gotta stop em. Stand tall and tell em no and walk away,” she sings.

“There's a lot of stuff on the radio that's not really positive for kids, appropriate for kids, so I try to make music for the youth where they can listen to the music, learn lessons and rock out at the same time," Chi Chi said.

She said he’s been rapping since she was six years old.

Along with her sister and brother, the young trio tackle serious issues in their raps—issues like bullying.

"I'm too busy trying to going to school trying to get my grades up so I can be somebody when I've gone and get my age up," Chi Chi sings.

She has been working with her father, who is a music producer, since her first song called “I Like To Learn.”

Chi Chi’s videos, created by a D.C. production company, are on YouTube. She also performs at local community events.

"Yeah she's pretty talented. And I think about her performances, they're really good too," Chi Chi’s brother, Momo, said.