Must-have road trip essentials

Sabina Hitchen shares road-trip must-haves, all from small businesses. (ABC7)

Whether you’re planning a Labor Day road trip to end the season in style, or already planning your holiday getaways, life on the road can be a bumpy ride. Sabina Hitchen of shared seven must-have gadgets for smooth travels, including:

  1. Scrubba Wash Bag
  2. Wrap a Nap – 360-degree pillow
  3. Everything Orgo - Keep It Organized
  4. The CGear Mat – For Dirt-Free Mat for Off-Road Picnics
  5. Hot Logic - Save Money & Eat Better on the Road: Cook or Heat Food Anywhere
  6. Wine2Go -No more bulky glass, fear of breakage, and heavy backpacks
  7. Nonda Smart Car Charger
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