Meet Good Morning Washington's 12 Dogs of Christmas!

Meet Good Morning Washington's 12 Dogs of Christmas! (ABC7)

GMW has teamed up with the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue established in 2009 right here in Arlington to bring you the 12 Dogs of Christmas! Lucky Dog Animal Rescue has rescued and re-homed over 10,000 dogs and cats in just over 7 years. Over the next 11 days we're going to introduce you to some of the most amazing dogs currently looking for a fur-ever family! With all that said Meet:

12. Stretch: 9 mth old Terrier! Stretch loves to romp around the dog park, and at the end of day cuddle on the couch! UPDATE: Stretch has been adopted!! 12.9.16

11. Batman: 1yr old Shepherd/Terrier Mix! Batman is over the puppy stage, so that means no crying all night or frequent potty breaks!

10. Beethoven: 2-3-year-old Beagle Mix! Beethoven really wants a home to call his own for Christmas, with a family who will take him on lots of trips to the dog park!

9. Bart: 4.5 month old Shepherd / Terrier Mix! Bart is dreaming of a home where he is fed, trained, walked and most of all loved and cared for by his forever Mommy or Daddy

8. Judge: 6-7 year old, Lab Mix! Judge is gentle, friendly and full of energy.

7. Sierra: 10-12 month old, Lab Mix! Don't you think she would look really cute as your new Facebook cover photo, romping around in the sunshine and rolling in the autumn leaves?

6. Gloria: 2 year old, Lab Mix! Gloria has lived with other dogs and is even good with cats, so she's ready to make your holiday complete!

5. Miah: 1 year old, Beagle Mix! Miah is ready to shower her new forever home with plenty of cuddles and kisses.

4. Ollie: 8mth old Beagle-Chihuahua! Ollie is getting to the end of the bouncy puppy stage but he still has plenty of energy.

3. Anna: 4 year old Hound Mix! Anna likes long walks, lounging around on the couch with you while you're watching TV or reading a good book.

2. Sheeba: 1 year old Lab/Pointer Mix! After she's tuckered out, Sheeba loves cuddling up for a nice nap and belly rub.

1. Keller: 5 week old Lab/Shepard Mix! Keller a typical puppy -- bubbly, bouncy and loves naps and cuddles!

If you want to give any of these adorable dogs a FUR-ever home please fill out the Lucky Dog Adoption Questionnaire (click here) and email it!

Not ready to adopt BE A FOSTER!!! full details! or call 202-741-5428

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is a local volunteer-powered 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to rescuing homeless, neglected, and abandoned animals from certain euthanasia and finding them loving forever homes. With no shelter of its own, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue relies on a network of volunteers and fosters to facilitate adoptions and provide temporary homes for the dogs and cats available for adoption. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue has rescued nearly 10,000 animals since its founding in 2007

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