Wall of Justice: The search for fugitives in the D.C. area continues

Wall of Justice: The search for fugitives in the D.C. area continues (Photo Courtesy of Metropolitan Police Department)

In this week’s edition of 7 On Your Side's Wall of Justice, we featured a special alert from Metropolitan Police and the FBI.

The crime happened January 26, just after 11 in the morning. That’s when, according to detectives, a crook walked into Capitol One Bank in the 1200 block of F St., NW.

In the surveillance video you can see him fiddling with his bag and a red bandana, then he makes a b-line for the teller.

You can’t see it, but police say he passes a note under the protective glass demanding cash. When the worker doesn’t move fast enough he starts barking orders. He eventually gets what he wants and runs off.

Police say the suspect is in his early 20s, around five-foot-six to five-foot-eight inches tall with a medium build and a mustache. They are offering up to a $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

Today, Wall of Justice is showcasing five new fugitives from local law enforcement agencies around the D.C. metropolitan area.

Arlington County Police are searching for Saul Marin-Orellana. He is wanted for malicious wounding. Meanwhile, Katie Moreno is wanted for forgery.

Metropolitan Police say Elliot Starks stabbed a woman several times and left her for dead in the middle of Pomeroy Rd. in Southeast. They also want Ronnell Holmes behind bars for shooting into a car. His victim lived.

Prince Willian County detectives are looking for Raymond Davis. He is wanted for abduction and robbery.

If you have any information about these fugitives, contact your local police department.

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