7 ON YOUR SIDE's Fighting Back Wall of Justice

They say this guy is a thief. He'll steal from you and you won't know it until it is too late.

This week 7 ON YOUR SIDE's Fighting Back Wall of Justice features a special alert from Fairfax County Police. He might look clean cut with his button down and glasses on, but don't let his appearance fool you. Detectives say he pulled off this crime at a bank in the Tysons Corner area.

"This 33-year-old man working for a catering company was expecting a payroll check so he went to follow up to see what happened," said PFC Tawny Wright with Fairfax County Police.

Detectives discovered the check had been cashed by the accused thief using a fake ID with the victim's name, but with his picture.

The check was supposed to be mailed to the victim.

“That's a part of our investigation,” Wright added. “We want to find out exactly where these checks were intercepted."

He's wanted for Forgery and Identity theft. If you have any information about this thief call the Fairfax county Police Department.

Now on to the fugitives on our Wall of Justice.

Metropolitan Police say Elliot Starks pulled out a knife and stabbed a woman multiple times and left her for dead in Southeast. They also want Ronnell Holmes for shooting into a car. Calvert County police search for Jonathan Elliot for burglary, and Krista hall for stealing. Arlington County Police search for Saul Marin-Orellana for malicious wounding.

If you have information about our fugitives call police. 7 ON YOUR SIDE is Fighting Back Against Crime.

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