7 ON YOUR SIDE: Fighting Back against porch pirates

7 ON YOUR SIDE: Fighting Back against porch pirates. (ABC7)

With Amazon Prime and its competitors offering big deals, it's prime poaching season. And over the past couple of days a lot of packages have been left on the stoop.

Amazon's big sale for many was like Christmas in July. And just like the Christmas season, the joy of getting a great deal on a product you bought during Amazon Prime Day can be met by the anxiety over whether you'll be able to actually get it from the hands of a package delivery person to your hands.

Minutes after Fedex rang the doorbell, a man shows up on Chris Molitar's doorstep, picks up the package and calmly walks off.

Molitar's online delivery shipment was one of the 25 million packages stolen over the last 12 months right off doorsteps.

Security expert Steve Bongart says the thieves operate even knowing their crime is being caught on camera.

"They don't have any concern of this helping police to track them or it having any effect on helping police solve the crime," Bongart says.

The delivery companies, UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service, know there's a huge problem with porch pirates. Here's how they suggest you protect your packages:

  • Have the shipment sent to where you are, specifically to your job.
  • Arrange for it to be sent to a relative or neighbor who is at home.
  • If sent to your house, instruct the driver where on your property you want the package left, behind a garage or in the backyard.

Or you can just have the package sent to one of the delivery company's satellite offices.

Police say if you do have a package delivered to your front door and you're not home, make sure you tell your neighbors you're expecting a package and have them look out for the delivery.

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