7 ON YOUR SIDE: Fighting Back Against Crime Wall of Justice

7 ON YOUR SIDE: Fighting Back Against Crime Wall of Justice (ABC7)

On this week’s edition of 7 ON YOUR SIDE’s Fighting Back Wall of Justice we have a special alert for you from the Metropolitan Police Department.

They’re looking for a man and want him off the street before he strikes again.

It was broad daylight when the man walked into a CVS pharmacy store at 4 p.m. in the 2800 block of Alabama Ave SE.

Everything seemed normal at first. He picked up some items, stood patiently in line, then things heated up when it was his turn to checkout.

The man ran around the counter, pushed the clerk out of the way and went straight for the cash drawer.

When things turn south, the man got nervous and headed for the exit, then doubled back when the clerk ran for help. He snatched the cash drawer, tucked it away like a football and ran out.

But, while he’s out front waiting for the coast to clear, the clerk jumped him from behind. The crook dropped the loot and scampered off empty handed.

The man wore a wave cap, glasses and earbuds during the crime, but that could all be a part of his disguise. He’s wanted for attempted armed robbery.

Call MPD if you have any information about the man.

Now, let’s take a look at this week's Wall of Justice, starting with some new additions.

In Prince William County, Virginia, Laishanquaria Johnson is facing a malicious wounding charge for beating and biting a woman.

George Vassie II is wanted for strangulation and abduction. Police say he tried to choke a woman by forcing his finger down her throat.

In Calvert County, Maryland, Melissa Westmoreland is also wanted for child neglect and police in the county continue to look for Ryan Watson, who is facing attempted robbery and burglary charges.

If you recognize any of our fugitives give police a call.

Join us next week for another edition of 7 On Your Side’s Fighting Back Wall of Justice.

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