7 ON YOUR SIDE: Fighting Back Against Crime Wall of Justice

Fighting Back Against Crime Wall of Justice 5-22-17 (ABC7)

On this week’s edition of 7 On Your Side’s Fighting Back Wall of Justice we have a special alert from the Metropolitan Police Department. These guys are wanted for breaking in to a store. Their sights were on something much bigger than the cash register. It took them about 50 seconds to break in the Exxon station in the 200 block of Kennedy St, NW. They didn’t want what was behind the counter. They went straight for the ATM, knocking it over, pulling its cord from the socket and they were out of there. The whole thing took about a minute and 30 seconds. One crook had a mask on. The other didn’t. This happened May 10th. There’s a $1000 if you can help police catch them.

Now let’s take a look at our Wall of Justice. Three of our fugitives are new.

The Metropolitan Police Department says Darius Jackson’s girlfriend broke up with him, so he got angry, slammed her against a wall by the neck and put a gun in her face.

They also search for Dashon Anthony AKA Dink. He’s accused of beating up his roommate, breaking his rib and knocking him unconscious.

In Calvert County, Melissa Westmoreland is wanted for child neglect.

Sadik Kopuz is at large in Arlington County accused of breaking and entering and assault. In Prince Williams County Devaun Jenkins is wanted in connection with a home invasion.

If you recognize any of our fugitives give police a call. We’ll see you next week with another edition of 7 On Your Side’s Fighting Back Wall of Justice.

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