7 ON YOUR SIDE: Fighting Back Against Crime Wall of Justice

D.C. Police want this man for burglary (ABC7)

We have a special alert for you from the Metropolitan Police department. This guy is wanted in connection with a burglary. And he didn't stop there.

Surveillance video shows the accused thief walking down a DC sidewalk after investigators say he pulled off a burglary, then took used his victim's credit card. The transaction tipped off police. The man eventually makes his way down into the Metro. Detectives have been looking for him since March. Police hope this video will spark your memory and give them a call. There's a $1000 reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

Metropolitan Police want Elliot Starks for pulling out a knife and stabbing a woman multiple times. She died in Southeast. DC

Police also want Daetron Tyreke Jones who's accused of beating and robbing a woman.

Arlington County Police say Oualid Charbib faces a grand larceny auto charge. They also say George Chedid duped people out of their jewelry.

Calvert County authorities are searching for Jonathan Elliot for burglary.

If you recognize any of our fugitives give police a call. We'll see you next week with another edition of 7 On Your Side's Fighting Back Wall of Justice.

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