7 ON YOUR SIDE: Fighting Back Against Crime Wall of Justice

7 ON YOUR SIDE: Fighting Back Against Crime Wall of Justice (ABC7)

In this week’s edition of Wall of Justice we have a special alert from Metropolitan Police. They’re looking for a thief who doesn’t have his eyes on jewelry or cash, but rather produce.

The clip is quick. About as quick as the suspect is fast. The accused thief is in and out of view in about two seconds, so we slowed down the footage.

He’s running out of the Safeway in Petworth in the 3800 block of Georgia Ave NW. This happened on February 13th. There are other customers around, but he didn’t care. According to police, he wasn’t interested in the cash registers. He wanted food. He filled a grocery basket and ran out of the store. Just like that. Police hope you recognize this swift shoplifter and his black get up.

If you have any information about this thief call the Metropolitan Police Department.

Now, let’s take a look at our Wall of Justice. We have three new fugitives.

Prince William County police say Elvin Mendoza Arguetta beat up an acquaintance, wouldn’t let her leave and took her phone so she wouldn’t call police. The woman eventually jumped out of a second story window to get away.

They also want Luis Antonio Perez for aggravated sexual battery of a 9-year-old girl.

Arlington County Police are looking for Ali Megder for attacking his ex-girlfriend. He punched and kicked her. Calvert County Police want William Earnest Jr for theft and Daniel Evans for burglary.

If you have information about our fugitives, call police. Seven On Your Side is Fighting Back Against Crime.

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