Hispanic AGENDA, 8/30/2014

On the AGENDA this week: Local school districts nationwide and in our area are looking for smarter ways to cope with students with behavioral issues by making suspensions and expulsions a last resort.

Don’t miss a report by ABC 7’s John Gonzalez and an in-depth discussion with Maryland State Delegate, Ana Sol Gutierrez, who helped craft the changes to the code of conduct that will go into effect this year in Maryland’s public schools.

Then, the Roundtable weighs in on last Thursday’s acts of civil disobedience to protest the Obama administration's deportation policy and urge the president to act solo on immigration.

Plus, Latin American culture’s popularity is on the rise in places like the U.K thanks to what observers are calling the ‘Messi Effect.’ What is it? And why a similar effect may be needed here.

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