Hispanic AGENDA - November 23, 2013 - English edition

On this week's Hispanic AGENDA: Many Latinos are leaving the Catholic Church to become Born-Again Christians…what’s behind the growing trend? Telemundo Washington's Randy Serrano reports. Plus, Father Mario Dorsonville and Pastor Carlos Peñalosa join us for a special Faith Panel on the subject. Then, in the '90s we had Gangsta Rap…today we have Narcocorridos…? The Roundtable explores the “Narco Cultura”. And, many immigrants are once again sending money back to their home countries at pre-recession levels. So, why are Mexican immigrants the one exception? That and more, on this week's Hispanic AGENDA.

Hispanic AGENDA airs in Spanish Saturdays at 10am on Telemundo Washington, and in English Saturdays at 1pm on NewsChannel 8.