Retired Army Corporal who lost his legs in war gets keys to new smart home

Army Corporal gets keys to his new smart home on Tuesday, July 12. (Amy Aubert/ ABC7)

For retired Army Corporal, David Bixler, Tuesday was a homecoming unlike any other.

"Our freedom, it was not free. It's paid by those who gave all. I only gave some. Some gave all," he said in front of a crowd.

Bixler is a Silver Star recipient. The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation built Bixler a new "smart home," specifically customizing the house to fit his needs.

"That's awesome!" Bixler said, realizing the microwave would be easily accessible from his wheelchair.

"You see all the space, how he can just put his chair under here," said Frank Siller, pointing to the handicapped accessible bathroom sink.

The foundation now has more than 50 home projects underway or completed for injured service members.

"We're going to stand tall for our great Americans like David Bixler, for those five great Americans who just gave up their lives while protecting, while protecting this great country," Siller said at a podium during the homecoming ceremony.

Bixler now has a place he can truly call his own.

"Move that flag!" The group chanted, as a massive American flag was pulled to the side, revealing Bixler's new home.

It's equipped with more accessible counters, an elevator, and doors that open with the push of a button.

"It's like a dream come true," said Bixler. "That's the best reaction I can give you. It literally feels like a dream come true."

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