Wall of Justice: The search for D.C. area fugitives

Wall of Justice: The search for D.C. area fugitives. (ABC7)

This week's Wall of Justice features an accused abductor, a man facing an attempted murder charge, and a guy police say stabbed a killed a woman.

Metropolitan Police say Elliot Starks pulled out a knife and stabbed a woman multiple times and left her for dead in Southeast. DC Police are also looking for Daetron Tyreke Jones accused of beating and robbing a woman.

Calvert County police want Ryan Watson for allegedly trying to kill someone, robbery and burglary. Daniel Evans is also wanted for burglary.

Today the spotlight is on Elvin Mendoza Arguetta. Prince William County police say Elvin Mendoza Arguetta beat up an acquaintance, wouldn't let her leave and took her phone so she wouldn't call police. The woman eventually jumped out of a second story window to get away.

Mendoza Aguetta allegedly got into a heated argument with a lady friend and held her captive in a Woodbridge apartment.

Prince William County police want Mendoza Arguetta to turn himself in. If you recognize him, please call police.

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