TSA confiscates record number of firearms at airport security checkpoints

Photo: TSA

(WJLA) - Last week the Transportation Safety Administration confirmed it confiscated a record number of firearms at airport security checkpoints. More than 1,800 were seized in 2013, about a 20 percent increase from 2012.

But guns aren’t the only prohibited items screeners regularly spot in carry-on bags. Just days ago, a stun gun was found in a passenger’s carry-on at BWI.

Seven On Your Side was given exclusive access to some of the most ridiculous prohibited items people tried to carry onto a plane.

A replica of a 45-caliber handgun was real enough not to be allowed in a carry-on bag.

“In an{ }X-ray machine this looks real, to me this looks real, to anybody on a place this would really cause a panic,” says TSA{ }spokesperson{ }Lisa Farbstein.

From tasers to knives and nunchucks, Reagan National’s TSA security director says he could fill a conference room table with items just as shocking about every six months and it’s a small portion of the items people surrender at checkpoints. TSA officers{ }at Reagan National{ }take in enough ammunition to easily fill a one-gallon container every month.

Screeners have recently noticed an increase in items like a purse with brass knuckles and umbrellas that look like a samurai sword. If you artfully conceal a weapon or try to carry on a replica gun, you could end up with thousands of dollars in fines.