7 ON YOUR SIDE: Save money, avoid headaches with Call for Action's Used Car Buyers Guide

Save money, avoid headaches with Call for Action's Used Car Buyers Guide. (ABC7)

Purchasing a car is one of the top three financial decisions you make and now as vehicles are built to last longer the used car business is booming. So are the complaints being called in from our viewers over at 7 ON YOUR SIDE's Call For Action Center.

Call For Action Director Eduard Bartholme says “Used car is our top complaint category Nationally. The average price is about $15,000. So it's a significant investment and we still get a lot of complaints."

We get that you're concerned about purchasing a used car and that's why a Used Car Buyer's guide is available at

Bartholme says "It really walks you thru from start to finish everything we think you should be doing as a best practice when you are looking to buy a car."

Do your homework before you start talking to a dealership. Come up with your financing and set a price limit. Get a vehicle history and take it to an independent mechanic before you hand over your cash.

Plus be aware of the used car laws where you purchase the vehicle. It varies in each state.

Maryland, DC, and West Virginia have laws that say dealers have to sell you a vehicle presumed to be fit for use as transportation.

In Virginia it's a different story.

Bartholme adds "Every vehicle transaction in Virginia can be potentially 'as is' unless there is a written agreement about warranty, serviceability and functionality."

Please check out the Used Car Buyers guide at It's going to save you money and any potential headaches.

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