Orbitz targeting Mac users for more expensive hotel offers


Orbitz, the prominent travel website that offers deals on everything from flights to hotels to cruises, is targeting Apple users with higher-priced hotel rooms because statistics show they spend more on travel.

The Wall Street Journal reports that people who use Apple computers and devices spend 30 percent more on hotel stays than their PC counterparts.

Because of that trend, the Journal says that the travel website is now amending search results based on what type of computer a potential customer is using.

For some users, that kind of use of their personal information is too much for them to palate.

"It shows a lack of integrity to the consumer at the end of the day," professional speaker and frequent traveler Robert Waldman said.

However, some see the benefit to Orbitz, since there's nothing illegal about what the site is doing.

" I think it's (a) reasonable business practice," Falls Church resident Daniel Costa said.

Executives with the site confirmed to the newspaper that they are experimenting with the concept, but also that users on any platform can sort hotel search results to bring up other less expensive options.

"A lot of people won't look to think about that," D.C. resident Hakeem Sabur said. "They'll just think they're automatically getting the best price and they won't be."

Some, like Waldman, think that this kind of knowledge could lead him and others to take their booking business elsewhere.

"Your competition is one click away, and I'm going to start looking at other services available to me when I travel," he said.

One official told the Wall Street Journal that Mac users are also much more likely to book four and five-star hotels than PC customers.