More victims of credit union embezzlement come forward

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) - Former members of the now defunct Shiloh Credit Union are at a loss. An audit following an alleged massive embezzlement
claims that not only do they not have any money left in the bank - but they owe money.

"I got a notice in the mail saying I was overdrawn by $75,794.94," said Terry Henderson, a former credit union member.

And mystery accounts and deposits. showed up in their names.

The National Credit Union Administration has filed a nearly ten million dollar lawsuit against the estate of John Dupree, Junior - the man who ran the faith-based credit union.

Authorities say after Dupree died in April last year, they found an apparent suicide note on his computer saying he had been stealing money for years.
The members say they had put their trust in the credit union because it was connected to the Shilot Baptist Church and Dupree's father started it.

Most are now scrambling to find a lawyer to help them wade through the process. They are not alone. They tell ABC7 there were more than 600 credit union members in Alexandria, Prince William and Prince George's Counties.