Miriam Singer gets D.C. tickets despite never driving in D.C.

Miriam Singer received tickets she shouldn't have.

Miriam Singer, an 87-year-old Baltimore resident, has received three speeding tickets from cameras in the District of Columbia over the past four months.

Miriam Singer has never driven in the District of Columbia.

“It’s not my car,” explained Singer. “It’s obvious that it isn't from the photograph.”

Each ticket that Singer received was for a car driving well over the speed limit and caught by a D.C. speed camera.

Singer’s son-in-law, Jerry Carr, has written letter after letter to the District appealing the tickets, but reached out to 7 On Your Side when the third one came. It was for an Acura SUV with the plate "MS MAD”.

Singer's plate is her initials; simply "MS".

Each of the cars shown on the tickets has Maryland tags starting with “MS” . There’s “MS ALF”, “MS G” and “MS MAD."

Speed camera tickets are supposed to be reviewed before they are issued. After a review, MPD voided the tickets.

"This appears to have been human error," D.C. Police officials said in a statement. "Some Maryland tags are managed in a different manner than regular tags, so these require special handling during the name and address acquisition process.

"We have brought this matter to the staff's attention and we will monitor this closely in the future."