D.C. government vehicles ticketed for running red lights

Seven is on your side with an investigation that found a surprising number of tickets issued to D.C. government vehicles for dangerous red light running—and—in some cases, going 30 miles an hour or more over the speed limit.

A review of thousands of tickets issued to the city and video evidence has revealed flat out dangerous driving by D.C. government employees in vehicles belonging to the city—all captured by the district’s red light cameras.

The red light cameras also caught fire and police vehicles not using their emergency lights when going through traffic signals.

Seven on your side reviewed nearly 2,600 photo enforcement tickets issued to D.C. government vehicles from 2011 and the first half of 2012—688 of them were for running a red light, 145 were for going at least 21 miles over the speed limit.

“A ticket gets my attention. $125 is what I paid last time for running a red light—I’m much more conscious of it,” said D.C. resident Theresa Banks.

The D.C. Mayor's office tells 7 On Your Side it takes safe driving seriously. Employees who racked up the more than $367,000 in tickets are expected to pay them, and bad conduct behind the wheel can result in their access to city vehicles being cut off.

The city says tickets given to government vehicles make up a small fraction of the photo enforcement tickets issued. Some tickets were given to emergency vehicles and others acting in an official capacity responding to calls—those tickets were dismissed.