Road test backlog angers drivers at the D.C. DMV

Pam Nugent is infuriated with the District Department of Motor Vehicles. She's been trying to schedule a road test for her son to get his provisional driver's license for a week.

ABC7 tried scheduling a driving test. We called three times, and each time was placed on hold, and then disconnected.

The DMV wouldn't agree to an interview, but sent ABC7 this statement:

"We are aware that the wait time for a D.C. Road Test is longer than we would like it to be. This is primarily due to staffing shortages based on examiners out on medical leave."

The spokesperson says they'll implement two initiatives by the end of June to improve the situation.

• One will allow driving instructors to administer the road test as a third party vendor for a fee to customers.

• The second will waive the written examination if an applicant has a D.C.’s driver's license that has expired for less than a year. It will also waive the road test if the applicant has a D.C. driver's license that is expired for less than a year-and-a-half.

The DMV spokesperson also says people can check for any road test cancellations online. And they've put in a request to hire more road test examiners to alleviate the backup.

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