Debris still at Rockville home that exploded

Photo: Kris Van Cleave

On Ashley Drive in Montgomery County, it’s almost like time stopped on May 4, when a house exploded from a build-up of natural gas, seriously injuring the couple who lived there.

More than a month later, piles of debris – a complete eyesore – sit rotting, waiting to be removed.

Neighbor Chris Biondo was home when the house exploded two doors down. He says the mess needs to go.

“I wish they would get this stuff out,” he said. “We've been waiting, it’s been a month and a couple of days and no move.”

The home, in the 11200 block of Ashley Drive, exploded in early May. The explosion caused about $130,000 in damage.

After a resident complained to 7 On Your Side, ABC7 asked Montgomery County why the mess is still there.

“We are working to get it cleaned up,” said Rick Nelson, County Director of Housing and Community Affairs. “I understand the neighbors are concerned, they should be concerned.”

The county says it’s the obligation of the homeowner, who was initially given three days to clean up the site. But on June 1, the county issued the homeowner a notice of violation, giving them another 15 days.

“If it’s not removed June 17th, we can issue a citation which carries with it a fine,” Nelson said.

So an entire community waits, wondering when time will start moving again.