D.C. residents call 7 On Your Side to get fallen tree removed

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – After several homeowners were unsuccessful in their attempts to get the city to remove a tree blocking an alley leading to their driveways, they contacted 7 On Your Side for results.

After a massive, four-story-tall tree fell near Blaine Street in Northeast D.C., some homeowners felt imprisoned. They say they made several calls to the city to get the tree removed, to no avail.

“We’ve waited well over 18 hours,” Wanda Alderman said.

And still, the mighty oak tree continued to turn 49th and Blaine streets NE into an impassable island.

“That means no emergency vehicles, nor residents can exit the alley, because it is a dead-end alley,” Alderman said.

The fallen tree snapped power pole retention lines like twine. But the tempest was really inside the homes.

“I’m angry and disappointed … that they haven’t done anything about it,” said Jean Motley. “Very angry.”

“I’ve called the fire department. The police department has come,” Alderman said. “I’ve talked to Pepco. I’ve talked to Verizon.”

When nothing happened, Alderman feared for those living along the dead-end alley.

“People who are on dialysis, people who are senior citizens,” she said.
Alderman and her neighbors were running out of hope and she called 7 On Your Side for help.

7 On Your Side snapped a few photos of the downed tree and email them to the District’s Department of Transportation around 5 p.m. Wednesday. An hour later, a private company arrived, sawing through the fallen oak, grinding it into mulch.

Despite the police tape, DDOT says it did not receive a formal request for service from authorities or homeowners.