D.C. parking ticket nightmare solved by 7 On Your Side

In the last year, Jeff Peake of Greensboro, Md. has received two parking tickets from Washington, D.C. There’s only one problem, he’s never parked in the District.

A closer inspection of the ticket he got in February reveals that it’s for a brown UPS truck. His ticket from July is for a white Federal Express truck. In both cases, the license plate number matched Peake’s plates, but the vehicles are both wrong.

“It's a four wheel drive GMC Sierra,” explained Peake. “Use it for whatever, four-wheeling in the woods, fishing, pulling the boat, having a good time.”

Peake says his truck is always on the Eastern Shore, except on occasion when he visits family in Anne Arundel County.

The DMV denied Peake’s appeal, saying he didn’t provide proper documentation. His next step, calling 7 On Your Side. ABC7 was able to get the situation straightened out and the tickets dismissed. Peake now has a new set of tags for his truck.

“It feels like a burden is lifted off me because the tags are gone,” said Peake.

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