New D.C. bill could streamline parking enforcement

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Major changes could be coming to the District's parking enforcement, that is if a proposed bill is made law.

D.C. Councilwoman Mary Cheh authored the Transportation Reorganization Act, which would centralize parking enforcement, signage and adjudication all into one agency.

Right now, those three elements are the responsibility of three different agencies.The bill would also create a transit authority that would absorb much of the tax commission's duties. It would also take over the planning, management and operation of the District's street cars, circulator buses and Capital Bikeshare.

The department of motor vehicles would handle the inspection and licensing of cabs.

"The problems are deep, and substantial and long standing," Cheh said. "There are so many layers. The idea is to say OK, maybe we aren't going to have nirvana, but we are going to have agencies aligned with their functions so they can be efficient, effective and transparent."

For more than a year ABC's 7 On Your Side has aired stories that raise question about the District's parking enforcement, particularly, the DMV's adjudication process.

Christen Eliason contacted WJLA after she received a parking ticket in error and tried unsuccessfully to navigate the system. She said the bill sounds like a good idea:

"It looks pretty good, at least to simplify, at least to make it more consumer friendly so that we can take charge."