CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Thieves who break into decoy car and steal items get arrested

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Thieves target ABC7 News decoy car, suspects arrested (ABC7)

A 7 ON YOUR SIDE exclusive undercover investigation might have just helped break up a string of daylight smash and grabs in Northwest, DC.

The I-Team dropped a decoy car in the crime zone and thieves took the bait.

Our bait car was parked in a neighborhood that's seen a rash of daylight break-ins. In less than three hours, investigative reporter Scott Taylor noticed two men walking by ABC7’s car several times and then in seconds... the men moved in.

One shattered the window and another grabbed the black backpack we left on the front seat. The I-Team called 911. A DC police officer arrived and as the I-Team explained what just happened, which was all caught on video, Taylor noticed the two men, who just broke into the decoy car, drive by him and the officer.

DC police went after the car and a block away, they made the stop.

The officer asked the two men in the vehicle "What's going on? Are you trying to get away from me or something?”

The driver said, "No.”

Police find the I-Team’s laptop that was taken from the decoy vehicle tossed a few feet away from the suspect’s vehicle. Crime scene investigators pulled the backpack the I-Team placed inside of the decoy vehicle from inside the suspect's car.

Both men are handcuff and taken away. The police report shows both men were arrested for theft from a motor vehicle, and destruction of property.

Monday night at 11 on ABC7 News… the I-Team digs deeper into the alarming rash of smash and grabs and will be asking the Metropolitan Police Department what they are doing to help put an end to smash and grabs in the District.

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