Building next to eagles' nest gets new lighting after ABC7 I-Team investigation

Bald eagles' nest (Photo courtesy of

The I-Team has learned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife will now be requesting the developer of two office buildings next to an eagle's nest in Manassas, Virginia file a new permit application.

Last year the developer had applied for a permit before construction but the Feds said they didn't need one.

Former animal welfare investigator Amber Taylor filed a lawsuit against Fish and Wildlife claiming the agency didn't do enough to protect the nest during construction of the office buildings. If a new permit is issued it could require restrictions to better protect the two eagles.

All of this comes less than a week after our I-Team investigation first aired. And the City of Manassas on Tuesday requested the developer change the lighting behind the office buildings. Less than 24 hours later the lights have been changed.

Amber Taylor says "It is a small win for us. It's a City mandate and we have been begging for these lights to be changed since they were installed at night and they are very bright at night. They are a disturbance for the eagles."

Large forward facing lights have been switched out with downward facing lights. The I-Team checked out the new lights and it appears to be darker near the nest.

Will it help? Maybe and the Manassas Eagles Group’s Facebook page is still warning the public... stay away from the nest.

Stephanie Mahoney with the Manassas Eagles Group says "When the page was originally started it was to share photos of this breeding pair which really didn't take off. After the disturbance began the page has defiantly grown...hundreds and hundreds of people."

No egg yet in the nest but these two eagles have generated 7 babies over the last couple of years.

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