Belfor Restoration waives fire cleanup fees for Navy mom

Harrison's home was completely gutted by the fire this past spring. Photo: Shannon Harrison

A local Navy mother who lost everything in a fire at her rented home on Joint Base Andrews this past Spring soon found herself dealing with another blow.

The fire had forced single mom Shannon Harrison and her three children to move to Joint Base Bolling in Southeast D.C. and start all over.

Four weeks later she received a surprise in the mail, a $2,117 bill for the clean-up of the scene where her townhouse, and three others, burned.

However, it was Liberty Park Housing, the private company that manages base housing at Andrews, that hired Belfor Restoration to do the clean-up.

Therefore, Harrison believed Liberty Park was responsible for the bill, not her.

“I didn’t sign a contract with them. I didn’t hire them,” said Harrison, adding that she did not start the fire either, a neighbor did. "I don't have $2,000 just laying around to give away. I have three kids."

Liberty Park managers told 7 On Your Side that cleanup on the inside of the townhome was Harrison's responsibility and the cost of the outside cleanup fell on them.

We reached out to Belfor's management and they agreed to waive the entire bill in order to help Harrison. Now, she doesn't owe a dime.

Harrison says she did receive an insurance settlement, which she used to replace all of her family's belongings.

Liberty Park officials say, though, she should have used part of that settlement to pay for the cleanup.