7OYS: Woman from WV jailed due to allegedly incorrect felony warrant

WEST VIRGINIA (WJLA) - This West Virginia grandmother got pulled over for not wearing her seat belt, and ended up with a mug shot. She had to spend the night in jail because of a felony warrant dating back to February 2012 for a crime that she did not commit.

"She said I was a fugitive," explained Carolyn Marcus. "I said, 'A fugitive from what?"

As it turns out, a laptop computer she had leased from the Aaron’s Store in Winchester back in 2011 had not been returned, according to a warrant. However, her receipt says she did return it. The note states:

"Carolyn Marcus returned laptop in working condition. She has met the qualifications for us. We can drop the charges."

But Marcus insists that no one ever told her about the warrant, and she cannot make sense of the alleged felony.

Marcus works as a caregiver for the mentally disabled, and because she is facing that felony count, her employer put her on unpaid leave, giving her 30 days to sort out the situation:

“I've got it pretty much down to where I'm surviving, where I can live from one paycheck to the next paycheck, but... I'm a survivor."

Within hours of 7 On Your Side notifying Aaron’s of the situation, the corporate office called Carolyn, offering to send her boss a letter saying they intend to drop the charges. However, those felony charges can't be dropped until Carolyn comes back to court here in Winchester on October 21.

"I gotta keep strong. I just gotta," said Marcus.

A statement from Garet Hayes, Aaron’s Director of Public Relations, says:

“Aaron’s, Inc. cares about our customers and for 58 years has been building solid relationships with our customers and communities. Our culture is to work with each and every one of our customers so that they achieve full ownership of the product through our lease-to-own plans. Aaron’s has requested that all charges be dropped against Ms. Marcus and while we cannot provide specific comment, we are working with her to fully resolve this situation.”