7 On Your Side: Seven vital tips to protect your home from burglars

Home burglary (MGN file photo)

Count to ten and another home in America was just broken into. Every 10 and a half seconds a thief pries open a window or kicks down a door.

Seven on Your Side ran into Brenda Williams in her Prince George’s County neighborhood. “You've been broken into?,” Seven On Your Side asked her? “ Twice..twice and we have a security system,” she responded.

Thieves don't care about security systems. They know it takes police on average five to seven minutes to get to the scene of a burglary call. They also don't care much about security cameras they'll just wear a mask.

The key to protecting yourself, according to police, is to do everything you can to make sure your home doesn't look like an easy mark. Seven On Your Side has seven vital tips to keep the burglars out.

Seven On Your Side enlisted the help of Eddie Reyes and Melvin Powell. Reyes is with the National Police Foundation and is a former deputy police chief in Alexandria. Powell is captain of the Burglary Unit for Prince George's County Police.

The seven tips to protect your home to keep burglars out are as follows:

1) Make sure you stop mail delivery or have a family member or neighbor secure your mail.

2) Cut overgrown shrubbery. Fences make good neighbors.

3) Make sure privacy fences are tall enough so it's too hard for a burglar to jump over.

4) Don't make it easy for burglars by leaving things like unsecured ladders in your yard.

5) Install heavy doors and bars on windows of below ground entrances. Burglars get into most homes through open doors and windows.

6) Close and lock doors and windows. A suspect will pick a certain home over another because there is easy access.

7) Turn off outside lights.

If a light stays on 24 hours a day for multiple days that means there's probably no one home.

The best defense is to get to know your neighbors and make sure you watch out for one another.

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