7 On Your Side investigates new numbers on back seat safety

7 On Your Side investigates new numbers on back seat safety (Omni Cam Inc)

The last time you jumped in the back seat of an Uber, taxi, Lyft or a friend’s car did you buckle up?

According to a new survey from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, adults riding in the back seat in any vehicle are far less likely to buckle up than when they're sitting up front.

Jessica Jermakian, a Senior Research Engineer with I.I.H.S. says, "We've been telling people for years that it's safer in the back seat but people have gotten a misunderstanding about the safety of the rear seat."

7 On Your Side did their own unscientific survey at Union Station in Washington, D.C.

One man getting into an Uber said, "I buckle up when I get in."

ABC7 News didn't see one Uber passenger not strapped in and one Uber driver says, “It's mandatory. It's my license, not theirs. It's not their ticket. It’s mine."

Across the nation, it's a different type of ride. One video shows an unbelted woman on the left side of a car in the backseat with no seat belt on when suddenly the vehicle gets into a crash and she goes flying into the window. The other woman in the car strapped in next to her, isn’t tossed all over the back of the vehicle.

D.C. allows police to stop a vehicle when they spot you not buckled up. It's a $50 fine and 2 points off your license.

In Maryland, it's a $50 fine and in Virginia it's 25 bucks.

Crash test video shows an unbelted dummy in a back seat slamming into the driver who hits the airbag and steering wheel at 35 miles per hour.

Scary stuff and drivers are twice as likely to be killed in a crash when the left backseat passenger is not wearing a seat belt.

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