7 On Your Side gets answers about dangerous alley in Northeast D.C.


An alley in the heart of Northeast D.C. has turned into a danger zone after a year of no repairs.

Now residents are reaching out to the 7 On Your Side I-Team for help.

An alley in the 700 block along 6th Street Northeast has concrete slabs blocking the alley, and if there's an emergency they can't be moved.

Betty Hart who owns the With These Hands Hair Gallery says "I've called a lot of people trying to get it straightened out."

Hart has been in the same location for the past 33 years next to the alley and is frustrated.

Betty Hart's biggest concern is the alley has been blocked off for more than 16 months and it’s also blocking her back door and her parking space.

Hart says "I can't even get in the alley."

George Farris owns the home next to the alley. His foundation is damaged too.

Farris adds "It's been closed off since last December."

Farris and the City have been discussing who's responsible for months. After 7 On Your Side I-Team Investigator Scott Taylor started asking tough questions, the District said repairs would start in May.

Joaquin McPeek, the Director of Communications with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, told the I-Team earlier this year “It's going to be a nine week process. It's going to start by the end of May so by this summer we hope that alley way will be up and running."

It's now June. Repairs haven't started. Homeowner George Farris has 2 weeks to review the repair plans. The District is picking up the tab but any further delays and the City says it could attempt to seize the home to make repairs.

Betty Harper says prayers are being answered.

Hart adds "I said Lord, God help me please. Look what he did. He sent you all right in here. Praise be to God."

The I-Team will let you know when the City finally gets the alley repaired. It’s part of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser's repair project for streets, sidewalks and alleys. $175 million dollars in the repair project and that includes about 300 alleys all over the District.

If you see an alley that needs repair you can report it here.

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