7 ON YOUR SIDE gets action after trash pile complaints in Northeast DC

7 ON YOUR SIDE gets action after trash pile complaints in Northeast DC. (ABC7)

A big pile of garbage is building up in D.C. and residents tell 7 ON YOUR SIDE they are fed up. ABC 7 News sent out I-Team Investigator Scott Taylor to continue ABC 7's attempts to help clean up the City one District at time.

Brenda Carroll who lives in District 7 tells the I-Team “"It bothers me, I'm mad about it, I pay taxes."

Since March of this year a huge pile of trash has been one of her neighbors.

Carroll says "There's a car door, there's cups, there's trash bags"

It’s been four months of the trash pile growing larger by the day and so has Brenda's frustration. She's not alone… others who live in the area agree.

Cherokee Love who lives in the neighborhood says “It attracts rodents, raccoons, animals that will actually cause harm to another human being including a child."

Brenda Carroll adds “I want it moved and I want it moved A.S.A.P. That's why I contacted 7 ON YOUR SIDE."

The property is owned by Capitol Petroleum Group. They also own this Exxon station next door.

Scott Taylor talked to the Exxon employee working at the gas station and asked “I'm Scott Taylor with ABC 7 News. Why aren't you guys cleaning up that big trash pile back there?"

The cashier didn't know but she did provide the I-Team with the owners name and number.

A spokesperson for Capitol Petroleum told us they didn't know who was dumping the trash but they would get the property cleaned up and would work on putting up better fencing.

D.C. Police Department Commander David Taylor says “It's against the law to dump in the District of Columbia."

7 ON YOUR SIDE didn't wait for the Company to clean it up. We called the D.C. Police Department and 6th District Commander David Taylor met us at the site along with his Environmental Crimes Unit. He says they are waging an aggressive campaign against illegal dumping.

Commander Taylor says “With the goal being to change their behavior. We still seek to hold them accountable as well with arrests or fines."

Over the past 2 years the Police have made more than 50 arrests involving illegal dumping and with them now involved, and some help from D.C. City Councilman Vincent Gray's office the City came out and the clean-up is under way.

D.C. Department of Public Works officials say Capitol Petroleum was issued 4 administrative citations to remove the trash.

ABC 7 News will keep an eye on the property and you can bet the neighbors will too.

Cherokee Love adds "Come on now, get with the program. Clean you all's stuff up. Quit treating D.C. like trash. It’s not trash."

ABC 7 News wants to thank everyone in the District from the D.C. Police Department, Public Works Department and City Councilmember Gray’s Office for helping clean up the property. It was a big Team effort.

If you have a huge trash pile on your property and don’t clean it up the District can fine you up to $1,200.

Got a litter problem in your neighborhood? Click this link for info on cleaning it up.

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