7 On Your Side: Freelance photographer for The Current Newspapers unpaid for work

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - When a photographer who claims he is owed thousands of dollars for work he did for a local newspaper couldn’t get his paycheck, he turned to 7 On Your Side for help.

For decades, Bill Petros has been snapping pictures at iconic Washington, D.C. sites and major news events. He has worked as a freelance photographer for The Current Newspapers for nearly 20 years; his work often appears on the front page.

“Political events, social events, sports—you name it, I’ve done it with The Current,” Petros said.

But the seasoned photographer says that earlier this year, the checks stopped coming.

“I felt like I was begging to get my money, and that’s not really appropriate,” he said.

Pay stubs show Petros was paid in January, and he says he received another check after a Washington Post columnist wrote about his plight in March. Still, Petros claims he is owed $5,800 for work dating back to July 2013.

“I haven’t been paid on time, and now I’m not being paid at all,” Petros said. “I was hoping 7 On Your Side could help mediate this situation.”

Davis Kennedy, the publisher of The Current Newspapers, told 7 On Your Side by phone in May that Petros would be paid what he is owed, but refused to say when.

Petros has stopped working for the company and says he is still waiting to be paid.

“It is a lot of money,” Petros said. “It represents a lot of work that I do and it’s just a shame.”

On Friday, Kennedy told ABC 7’s Kris Van Cleave by phone that he had put a check in the mail that would cover “a good hunk” of what Petros is owed.

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