7 On Your Side: Flood cars see rise in sales; consumers warned of buying hazard

Flood car taken into garage (Photo courtesy of Carmax) 

It's not just residents and homes washed out by the hurricane waters of Irma and Harvey, but thousands of cars. The owner of Kelly Blue Book estimates flood waters have overtaken somewhere between a half million and a million vehicles. And shockingly, it could be just a few days before these cars show up for sale. Once the vehicles hit the market, there may be no way of telling that they even got wet.

Eduard Bartholme Executive Director of Call For Action says “ That's something that we've seen at Call For Action all across the country. It's very possible for cars to be declared a total loss and then sold at an auction.”

A video obtained by 7 On Your Side via Carfax shows the company that keeps track of the history of most vehicles in this country.

Pictures display how in just five hours a flooded vehicle could be cleaned up, dried out and then ready for sale to a dealership, eventually to you.

After hurricane Sandy, dealerships dealt with a rush of flooded cars.

Flooded cars can look great on the outside but eventually they will break down and leave you high and dry. One of these could soon be for sale somewhere near you.

The best way to protect yourself before buying a used cars is to insist you get a personal history report and have your personal mechanic check the vehicle out thoroughly.

This story has been updated, Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017

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