7 ON YOUR SIDE: Fighting Back Against Crime Wall of Justice

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In this week’s edition of 7 On Your Side’s Fighting Back Wall of Justice we have a special alert from the Metropolitan Police department. Two guys wanted in connection with a theft at a popular sandwich shop. Investigators believe it could be inside job.

The surveillance video is clear as day, but this crime happened overnight on March 11th. The suspects didn’t have to force their way in because they had a key. In the footage they stay calm walking through the Jimmy John’s at the corner of 14th and U St NW, keeping their heads down the whole time and they know exactly where they’re going. They make a bee line for the safe. One of them pulls out a note. They open the safe, take the cash and calmly walk out. The whole thing takes about 3 minutes. There’s a $1000 reward for information leading to their arrest and conviction.

Call the Metropolitan Police Department if you have any information about these two guys. Now here are the fugitives in this week’s Wall of Justice

Calvert County police want Ryan Watson for trying to kill someone, robbery and burglary. They also want Daniel Evans for burglary. Metropolitan Police are offering up to a $25,000 reward if you can help them nab Leonard “Neechie” Smith. He’s accused of stabbing a man to death in Southeast. Prince William County police say Elvin Mendoza Arguetta beat up a female friend, and Devaun Jenkins is wanted for his part in a home invasion.

If you recognize any of our fugitives give police a call. We’ll see you next week with another edition of 7 On Your Side’s Fighting Back Wall of Justice.

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