7 On Your Side: Hottest beach gadgets for the summer

Seven On Your Side: Hottest beach gadgets for the summer. Tuesday, May 22, 2018 (ABC7 photo)

Load up the SUV and get ready to reach the beach.

Seven on your side has some gadgets you might want to bring along.

First, you need a beach blanket. How about a blanket that doesn't get wet and doesn't catch sand.

The sandless blanket comes in different sizes and colors, and range in price from $10 to $50, are they worth it?

Carrie Clingenberg took a look at ABC7's and said, “ It seems like it would blow away too quickly. Also, if you're sweaty, are you going to stick to it?"

So what about a device where you can safely store all your personal belongings and hide it in the sand? Seven On Your Side asked someone in charge of keeping the peace on the beach..

Captain Todd Fritchmond with the Dewey Beach Patrol tested the device.

Seven On Your Side's Horace Holmes showed him how to use the beach vault.

It took a lot to anchor it in...and not a lot of effort to get it back out. At $80, is the beach vault worth it?

Finally, keeping track of you kids who love to play near the water, while you are trying to relax under the beach umbrella is a challenge. How about a GPS tracker? Joe Warfield and his 2-year-old son viewed the Verizon gizmo.

Fritchmond, who's in charge of the lifeguards at the beach, tested the gizmo and the buddy tag.

Here's how the device works. A child puts it on, its synced to your phone, and then you create an electronic perimeter around 30 feet away.

Once the child goes beyond that distance, the device sounds an alarm. The only thing it doesn't do is help you go to get your child to come back.

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